Full application

The Mid-West Toronto OHT represents a self-organized group of strategically and philosophically aligned community service providers, primary care providers and hospital partners. We share an interest in advancing collaboration and shared accountability for patients residing in our uniquely urban community.

The Team was proud to submit the Full Application to become an OHT on September 18, 2020 to the Ministry of Health. Click here to read it.

We thank all of our partners who played a role in helping us reach this important milestone. We also thank the many primary care providers who have shared their wisdom and experience in the planning process.

Above all, we are deeply grateful to the many people with lived experience who provided critical insight to our plans so far. We look forward to continuing to learn from you, as well as from the experiences of others yet to step forward.

On November 18, 2020, the partner organizations of the Mid-West Toronto region have been approved to become an Ontario Health Team by the Ministry of Health, marking a significant milestone for patients, clients, families and caregivers in downtown Toronto‚Äôs west-end.  Click here to read our full application to the Ministry of Health.